These years seem to be marked by the presence of the very charismatic Antonia.

The Romanian singer that took the music scene by surprise spent her adolescence in the USA. The fact that she grew up in Las Vegas and Utah, among people whose life gravitates around R’n'B and soul, has had a very strong influence on her musical style, her attitude and the very passionate way in which she feels and transmits the rhythm.

Her collaboration with Tom Boxer resulted in the smash hits “Roses on fire” and “Morena”, both very well received by both public and critics. Their next single, “Shake it Mamma”, became a fast hit and was then in heavy rotation on all the important radio stations in Europe and beyond. The international success of this track suggested the filming of a video. Thus, at the beginning of 2011, Roton launched the material in which contemporary geisha, both exciting and sexy, surround the hypnotic eyed singer. 


Just a few months later, Antonia launched another single – “Marionette”, a song with a very modern beat, that entwines club rhythms with profound R’n’B and soul sounds. Antonia's voice shone through the poetic lyrics in this powerful love story, as she offers her man, her puppeteer, total control over her life and soul, in exchange for love. The video was a movie like production, featuring the singer frolicking with the four main elements of life – fire, wind, water and earth. The single soon became a massive hit or, as the media wrote, “the hottest R'n'B hit of the moment” and brought her concerts and tours all over Europe. 





In the summer of 2011, the FHM readers voted her the “Sexiest Woman”, an award that she was proud to receive again, in the summer of 2012 .

A fresh new start in her career was marked in June 2012, when she became part of the artists managed by Global Music Management, the company that got international recognition through its first European top artist – INNA. Antonia then released a new single, “Jameia”, that turned out to be the perfect mix between oriental vibes and cutting edge modern club rhythms, as the artist enjoyed its success, both in Romania and Bulgaria. 


At the beginning of 2013, Antonia released “Marabou”, a sensual song written by Danish composer and producer Thomas Troelsen. It was something new for the artist, but definitely something that has shown how much both her and her music have grown over the last few years. “This is my favorite song right now. Hope you'll love it as much as I do!”, she stated, and the number of views on You Tube have soon

revealed the fact that the public did indeed love it, scoring more than 5 million views in less than two months. The single also took the charts by storm, reaching the first position in the Romanian Airplay Top 100, while also being played in Turkey, Bulgaria and Germany. 





2013 will also mean the release of Antonia's first album, a gift that her fans have long been waiting for, as the artist that emanates charm and a mixture of sensuality and ingenuity has already become a household name and an international phenomenon to watch!